A date night is definitely a good choice of either celebrating your marriage anniversary or your first year of love. And no dates come without gifts for each other. How about making it a spicy one?  How about some top brand gifts for my girlfriend? But wait, why should always boys come up with things like this? Why not women do something for them, something stellar and naughty. Yes, it would be both fun and romantic too. You can surprise your spouse with a range of naughty gifts like sex toys, sexy recipe, erotic games, and novels that could make your nights a splendid one.

There are a lot of such gifts for men that could lovably and romantically go from the women`s side and choosing to gift one from this list would definitely heat up the bedroom and the night and probably make it the best one ever. Here you go with the list that`s going to heat you up with the desire to get closer.

  • Some really exciting sex toys like the rings for the p-spot would make him feel more comfortable and full. Yes, these rings would make his erections better and probably to the fullest which would give a feeling of satisfaction to both the male and the female. This is really going to thrill your spouse. Make it a surprise for him on your date.
  • You can gift him some sex plays like the card games that come with some never-before-tried sex positions. There might also be some advanced positions that could kill his ego and lets him try it with you adventurously.
  • Books that could trigger the act. There are a plenty of books and journals that can make your nights more romantic and intense. Try gifting it to your male and make sure you give him sometime before the play to experiment everything he has gathered from the book on you.