New Dating Norms

Modern day dating speaks a different language altogether. There is an unspoken code of distance and zero drama that people of both the sexes seem to follow. There is no boundary, no defining, no commitment right away. Most of the dating begins online, weeks before the two actually meet. Too little time is spent knowing or understanding each other.

Yet another addition to new dating norms is the constant need to do something new and more interesting. If you feel that the steam has rather left your seemingly steamy relationship, then one of the ways you could get your vigor back in bed is by using butt plugs for your partner.

What is a Butt Plug?

As weird as it sounds, a butt plug is not all that bad. It is one of the fascinating sex toys ever invented. Did you know that a butt plug has a flared bottom so that it does not get lost in your rectum? The best part about a butt plug is the fact that there are no in and out movements that seem to hurt the delicate lining. All that you have got to do is use a proper lubricant and insert the butt plug in the right way.

The Types

There are three basic types of butt plugs. They are:

  • Silicon plug

This is great for beginners. Considering the fact that a silicon plug has movement flexibility, the control lies entirely with you.

  1. Silicone Anal Toy

This is not really for beginners but once you start using it, you will begin to feel comfortable.

  1. Stainless Steel Plug

This happens to be the most expensive of all but is an investment after all. The pleasurable sensations are also more intensely felt. The weight of the toy adds to the feeling of fullness. For more information, visit!


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Dating, Relationships, and Chastity

Male chastity has some rules that would keep the male within his limits and reserve all his joy and excitement with the female in his life. There are going to be attractions definitely from all sides and it is very difficult and tough to keep all such desires and excitements under control and that too when there is somebody constantly attracting him from the other side. So what would or should a man do to live up to the concepts and principle of male chastity? Here are few rules that are given in the male chastity guide that would make things easy for both the male and the female in the act.

  • Take courage in telling the other gender that you are not ready for an intimacy now. This needs lots of control and guts in doing this but if you do this you are definitely abiding by the rules and principles of male chastity.
  • The next thing that needs you to be very careful and cautious is to get up even if you have fallen down. Falling is very natural and that too when you are in front of a female-attracting you but it takes just a second to realize and get up from the lying position to the sitting position denying your consent for the act.
  • The first thing that makes or gets you attracted to the opposite gender is your eyes. It is this that gets mesmerized first before anything else and everything starts from here. So guard your eyes first when you feel you are getting slowly drooped.
  • Avoid temptations because this is going to make you fall. So try to stay away from temptations.

All these are available in the Lock the cock website which is an exclusive website for male chastity.…

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Naughty Gift Ideas For The Bedroom

A date night is definitely a good choice of either celebrating your marriage anniversary or your first year of love. And no dates come without gifts for each other. How about making it a spicy one?  How about some top brand gifts for my girlfriend? But wait, why should always boys come up with things like this? Why not women do something for them, something stellar and naughty. Yes, it would be both fun and romantic too. You can surprise your spouse with a range of naughty gifts like sex toys, sexy recipe, erotic games, and novels that could make your nights a splendid one.

There are a lot of such gifts for men that could lovably and romantically go from the women`s side and choosing to gift one from this list would definitely heat up the bedroom and the night and probably make it the best one ever. Here you go with the list that`s going to heat you up with the desire to get closer.

  • Some really exciting sex toys like the rings for the p-spot would make him feel more comfortable and full. Yes, these rings would make his erections better and probably to the fullest which would give a feeling of satisfaction to both the male and the female. This is really going to thrill your spouse. Make it a surprise for him on your date.
  • You can gift him some sex plays like the card games that come with some never-before-tried sex positions. There might also be some advanced positions that could kill his ego and lets him try it with you adventurously.
  • Books that could trigger the act. There are a plenty of books and journals that can make your nights more romantic and intense. Try gifting it to your male and make sure you give him sometime before the play to experiment everything he has gathered from the book on you.
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Which Are The Top Questions To Ask Girls?

So, you really like this girl a lot and have been checking her out and observing her for quite some time now. You feel it’s high time to make a start somewhere and get to know her better. You finally make the move talk to her, make friends with her and then you finally ask her out for a date. And lucky that you are, she even agrees to it and Voila! You have a date with your lady love!

To get to know her more on your date try asking some of these 21 good questions to ask a girl and see if you can get her to like you more. These questions have been asked to several girls before and they always had positive effects.

  1. What quality do you admire the most in your friend?
  2. Tell me some of the best presents you ever got?
  3. If you ever got a chance to visit the place of your dreams. Which place would it be?
  4. Do you value my friendship?
  5. What are your fears?
  6. Who is your favorite celebrity and why?
  7. Who would you choose as your ideal dream date?
  8. What are you wary about when you go on a date?
  9. Do you worry about your future?
  10. Do you believe in God?
  11. What are the things you are grateful about in life?
  12. What is your greatest accomplishment till date?
  13. What are you a list of accomplishments for the future?
  14. Do you like traveling?
  15. What is your take on playing or watching sports?
  16. Do you play and game?
  17. What is your favorite pastime?
  18. Do you have a bucket list?
  19. Which was the last book you read?
  20. Who is the most influential person in your life?
  21. What do you think about me?
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